Foreclosures Aren't Down, They're UP!

The Waterbury Republican-American recently called on Attorney Melchionne for feedback on recent foreclosure numbers. The story ran under the headline “Foreclosure Filings Down”. A quick look at the numbers and you will wonder why it doesn’t read “Foreclosure Filings UP”.

Compared to foreclosures filed in Connecticut in February 2013, the numbers of cases being filed were UP more than 40%. So measured from year to year, 40% more people in Connecticut are being exposed to losing their homes. Connecticut currently ranks
6th in the nation for new foreclosures. Since we are a small state, that is a very big thing. One in every 898 homes in the state had a foreclosure started against it in February.

Some more numbers: The number of foreclosures completed in January 2014 was UP a stunning 162% over the same period in 2013. Eighteen percent (that’s 18%) of homes in foreclosure resulted in a family losing their home to the lender; 410 families put out onto the street. That is an increase over 2013 also. There are currently 723,967 foreclosure cases pending in Connecticut.

Does this make you feel warm and fuzzy? But what about the news reports that real estate is making a comeback? Take a look around and ask yourself, “do I see families moving out of their homes because they sold them to move to a better place, or are they moving out because they’ve lost their homes to foreclosure?” You know the truth.

Attorney Melchionne profiled in articel on Foreclosure Assistance Program

The State of Connecticut has a new program in Waterbury offering free information and advice from lawyers for consumers in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. The Waterbury Judicial District is the latest additional to he program which has been holding sessions in Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford and New London. Attorney Melchionne is one of the volunteers recruited by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center. The Waterbury a paper talked to him in an effort to get the news out that this free program is available to all without regard to income qualification. Review the article here.

Attorney Melchionne Interviewed on Increase in Foreclosure Filings

Filings of new foreclosure cases spiked in November leading to a huge increase in the numbers of families who stand to lose their homes The statistics kept by RealtyTrac showed that Connecticut suffered an unusual increase in foreclosures right before the holidays and the Waterbury newspaper wanted to know why. Read the article here.

Attorney Melchionne speaks at NACBA Fall Conference

Attorney Melchionne served as the Track Director for the Basics Track at the Fall Workshop of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys in New Orleans in October. Topics in the track consisted of Interviewing Techniques, Gathering the Data necessary to create a proper Bankruptcy Petition, 10 Warning signs of when Not to File a Bankruptcy, Issues in the Means Test, Innovative Use of Chapter 13, and Issues on Attorneys Fees. Although the subject matter was titled “Basics”, Attorney Melchionne assured that even experience bankruptcy attorneys received some benefit of the panel discussions.

Attorney Melchionne to speak to Minnesota Bankruptcy Bar

Technology is a big part of what I do. Any use of technology that makes me more efficient gives me more power to help my clients. Now I get a chance to pass that information along to others who do similar work in Minnesota.

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