Can I hide my property from my creditors?

Can I hide my property from my creditors? - Much of your assets are always protected from creditors.  There are both state and federal laws which protect certain items you own from seizure.   A good example would be retirement accounts such as pensions, IRAs, or 401Ks.  These funds are 'exempt', which means that no creditor may take them.  Household goods are another example, provided you don't have anything extravagant such as a Picasso painting or gold-plated faucets.  You cannot simply 'give' your non-protected assets to others solely to place them beyond the reach of creditors.  You may not defraud the Bankruptcy Court or your creditors; these acts carry serious penalties.  Failure to be completely honest with the Bankruptcy Court can result in criminal charges providing for jail time (up to 5 years) and fines (up to $250,000.00).   However, it is likely that that most of your property would be covered by one exemption or another.