How long does a bankruptcy case take?

How long does a bankruptcy case take? - Even with the fifteen-fold increase in bankruptcy filings over the last 20 years, a typical case only takes about four to six months once it is filed.  Of course, preparation for filing the case may take longer, depending on your circumstances.  There is the new requirement for credit counseling which takes about 45 minutes of your time and a 5 minute phone call.  There is typically only one hearing which occurs about thirty days after the filing date and that hearing usually takes about ten minutes.  Don't be mistaken however, the hearing is a serious matter and your responses are recorded on tape for future reference.  Thereafter, creditors are given 60 days to object to your case.  While the creditors are deciding whether to object to your case, you are required to take a family budgeting education course which takes about 90 minutes.   Then the Court reviews the matter for bookkeeping and a discharge finalizing your case is usually issued within five months of the filing date.